OKS Scrubbing Pad Medium Duty 10x15 cm, Green

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Overview of OKS Scrubbing Pad Medium Duty 10x15 cm, Green

  • Medium-duty scrubbing pad for general cleaning purpose
  • Flexible design with tough fiber construction
  • Ideal for cleaning baked-on-food remains and grease
  • Super absorbent, lightweight & strong cleaning capacity
  • Can be used to scrub walls, railings, floors, tables, countertops and more

OKS medium duty scrubbing pad designed for quick and effective scouring.

Tough fiber structure can work fast on medium duty cleaning jobs. The rougher texture of this product can help to polish the scratch off the surface.

OKS medium duty scrubbing pad can be used to clean scuff marks on walls, baseboards, floors, kitchenware, and other durable surfaces. This can be even used for scrubbing vegetables and fruits before consumption.

From the front of the house to nooks and corners of kitchen and bathrooms, can be cleaned. This multipurpose scrub is a must-have cleaning tool, to ensure a sanitary environment for your establishment.

More Information
Color Green
Material Nylon
Trust® Commercial OKS
Product Code OK1002
Product Dimension 10x15 cm
Shape Rectangular
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