OKS Stainless Steel Scrubber Heavy Duty 50g

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Overview of OKS Stainless Steel Scrubber Heavy Duty 50g

  • Stainless steel scrub for grill/oven cleaning and ware washing.
  • Make quick effects on tough cleaning jobs.
  • Single wire strand eliminates the hassle of multiple ends.
  • Can be used for wet/ dry cleaning.
  • Resist degradation from hot water, detergent and cleaning chemicals.
  • Wear and tear resistant.
  • Lightweight in design.

OKS stainless steel scrubber, the effective way to remove grease and stains from cookware.

Made of durable and long-lasting stainless-steel wires. These single strand stainless steel wires avoid disturbance of multiple ends. The product is lightweight in design and does not make scratches on utensils.

OKS stainless steel scrub can easily remove strong, stubborn stains and dirt. Use this handy scrubber in the kitchen for scrubbing cookware and wiping countertops to cleaning appliance.

OKS stainless steel material construction ensures the product won’t rust. it can resist degradation from exposure to hot water, detergent and cleaning chemicals.

A better control over cleanups, OKS stainless steel scrubber is an added advantage to your cleaning force.

More Information
Material Stainless Steel
Trust® Commercial OKS
Product Code OK1006
Shape Round
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