SVAVO PL-151060 ABS Folded Paper Towel Dispenser 300 Sheets

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Product Overview of SVAVO Folded Paper Towel Dispenser

  • Accommodate 300 count single stack of paper towels.
  • Wall mount installation and key system for security.
  • Durable ABS casting with minimal and unique design.
  • Wide openings for easy taking out paper towel leaves.
  • Viewing slot, lockable design, Quick installation.
  • Ideal for hotels, hospitals, office and shopping malls.

SVAVO PL-151060 manual M Fold/ C Fold towel dispenser is a great addition to your commercial restroom. With its ability to hold 300 count single stack paper towel, a frequent replacement can be avoided.

Unique and minimalist design of the product will complement the decor of your establishment. SVAVO Plaza series products are made up of superior quality ABS Plastic and is durable and long-lasting.

Transparent windows on the front notify your staffs on refilling the towels when needed. Easy-to-open design of the dispenser allows your staff to quickly and conveniently change the paper towels to ensure the availability of stock for your guests. The dispenser can be easily wall mounted at any point convenient for your guests, using the screw slots. The item also comes along with a key system to ensure the security.

SVAVO Manual M Fold/ C Fold towel Dispenser and similar SVAVO dispensers can help you cut down the cost by purchasing jumbo rolls in bulk rather than buying individual toilet rolls.

Applications of SVAVO PL-151060 ABS Folded Paper Towel Dispenser 300 Sheets

  • As paper towel dispenser in restaurant restrooms/ shopping malls/ hotel kitchen. This can be fixed in wash area of restrooms, shopping malls and commercial kitchen spaces and will help your customers/employees to access paper towels with ease.
  • Use this for dispensing Wet tissues/ paper towel in meeting/ conference rooms. wet tissues and paper towel dispenser inside office premises, or even in meeting/conference hall will enable your employees and guests to access paper towel or wipes at their convenience.
More Information
Color White
Material ABS Plastic
Capacity 300 Pulls
Trust® Commercial SVAVO®
Product Code PL-151060
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